Specialty Medical Partners (SMP) and Employee Ownership: Why will this help my practice?

We live in a time of international mega-corporations, stagnant wage growth, the shrinking middle class, growing distrust in institutions, and concerns about the “1%”. At SMP we are a true partner for physicians. We believe that the key to long-term success is ensuring that the practices we partner with have the best teams possible.

Understanding that employee turnover has a negative impact on patient care, we spend a significant amount of time working collaboratively towards long-term success. We do this by implementing highly competitive compensation programs, fully paid health benefits, and the opportunity for employees to be owners. We want to help bring back a time where team members spend an entire career at one location.

Employee Ownership benefits
1. Your practice legacy is secure: SMP lives on as ownership passes to new employees over generations.
2. An increase in the quality work with highly engaged employees.
3. Work in a transparent environment: As shareholders, you will have full access to SMP’s financials and strategic plans.
4. Build trust within the practice through increased transparency.
5. Support the middle class: Our profits are shared among employees/shareholders.
6. The opportunity to invest in the private sector: A higher expected return on investment than public stocks or bonds.
7. Employees get access to the same tax advantages as business owners: For example, the capital gains exemption.
8. Employees and management hold each other accountable as owners. Employee ownership is the ultimate union. Employees are the employers, breaking management vs. employee walls.
9. Promote the spread of corporate profits and investment opportunities back into the working population.

Author: Michael Black, Chief Executive Officer, Specialty Medical Partners