10 Polices to Create a Better Workplace For Women

Women are exceptional and influential leaders and change-makers, yet they are denied opportunities, recognition and advancements. Many barriers and biases have declined over the years, but gender stereotypes continue to create problems in the progress of women’s careers.

Here are the essential policies that will help you in creating a better workplace for women.

Why Canadian Businesses Find Recruiting Tough

Recruiting talent can be a challenging task for businesses in any country, and Canada is no exception. Here are some of the main challenges that businesses in Canada face when it comes to recruiting:

Guideline on Wage-Fixing and No-Poach Agreements

The Competition Bureau of Canada has recently introduced guidelines regarding the criminalization of wage-fixing and no-poach agreements between unrelated employers. The amendment to the Canadian Competition Act aims to bring the country’s competition laws in line with other jurisdictions, including the United States, which already prohibit certain labour-related agreements. The criminal prohibition took effect on June 23, 2023, after a one-year grace period for Canadian employers to ensure compliance.

12 Reasons Why You Must Have Employee Handbooks and HR Manuals

If the employee handbook answers the “What” regarding your company’s culture, the policy manual delves into the “How.” Let’s elaborate on the benefits of having both an employee handbook and policy manuals.